Blues Feud 

This live game show is our hilarious take on the very popular "Family Feud" - only with a twist!  The Blues Feud combines the zaniness of the Family Feud game with Silky Terrier Trivia all for fun and prizes. 

Join us Monday Night April 2, 2012 at 7 PM - 9 PM in a location to be announced.  Check the Hospitality Suite for final location. 

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Assemble a team of (5) five individuals and come up with a Team Name and designate a Team Captain.  We suggest you mix it up!  You'll want to see out those 'old timers' and the 'newbies' too as the questions asked deal with a wide variety of topics best addressed by diversity! 


Two teams of (5) five contestants answer trivia questions to earn points.  The team earning the highest number of points at the end of the series of questions wins and advances to challenge the next team of (5).  When all teams have participated, the final team will win a grand prize and title of Blues Feud Champions for 2012.  At the Annual Specialty and Awards Dinner the top three teams will receive Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals.  The Gold Medalists will be the reigning champions. All participants take home a game souvenirs and/or prizes. 


Two teams of (5) five have the opportunity to answer trivia questions.

First player for each team is considered the Team Captain.  The person immediately to the right of the Captain is considered Player 2, moving to the right Players 3-5.

There will be one person deemed the Bell Official.  This person will have the final ruling on which player rings in first and gets to answer the question.

There will be one person deemed the Trivia Official.  This person will have the final ruling on whether or not the answer given qualifies as correct or incorrect.

Play begins with Team Captains being presented with a trivia question.  The first Team Captain to ring the bell has the option to answer a trivia question for their team.  The Team Captain may solicit input from the team (and is encouraged to do so) but the Captain presents the final answer to Emcee.

The bell may NOT be rung before the complete question is asked.  If the bell is rung before the question is asked the question will go to the opposing team to answer.

A correct answer earns the Team one point.

The team with the correct answer then has the opportunity to answer a question for a bonus point.  The player to the right of the player with the correct answer is asked a trivia questions worth (1) point.  The bonus question can only be answered by the individual without any team input.

A correct answer to the bonus question earns the Team one point.

Play resumes with the next player in order getting control of the bell and play repeats until all team players have had the chance to answer a question.

In case of a tie, Team Captains Face-off with final answers calling upon their teams for input.

Winning team advances to take on the next challenging team.

At various points during the game there will be audience questions.  Audience members are asked to ring the audience bell for an opportunity to answer the question and win a prize.