Purebred Studios Specialty DVDs

If you've seen the work by Purebred Studios from last year's Specialty, you are familiar with the high level of quality they provide with their narrated DVD's.  When you view the Specialty on your home TV screen--you can really watch the movement of the dog without having to glance up from the catalog to get information on the dog or bitch.  

The sets run $135.00.  Click here to order now.

You can check out highlights from last year's show click here.  

You can also visit Gary Weitz' Purebred Studios channel on YouTube by clicking here.

Here's a sample of video of Puppy Sweepstakes from 

the 2009 Specialty in Louisville, KY.  

YouTube Clips of individual entries (as in the example below) are available for only $20.00 

when you purchase a complete set of DVDs in advance of the April 1, 2012 deadline for pre-orders. 

Purebred Studios Individual Video Clip

$ 20.00 USD

The YouTube video clip of individual entries in the show cost only $20.00 when you purchase the complete DVD Collection before June 1, 2013.  This is a wonderful way to promote your new Grand Champions, new AKC champions, upcoming puppies, and treasured veterans.


Top 10 Reasons Why You NEED to Order Specialty DVDs

1 -Your dog WON!  What a great memento!

2-Your dog didn't win!  What did the judge see in the dogs he/she put up?  What can you learn about your own dog that you possibly didn't see?

3-You can observe winning grooming and handling techniques.

4-Couture comparison.

5-While you were busy getting your own dog ready for the ring you may have missed some classes and now you have time to check them out in great detail.

6-You're looking for the perfect stud dog and you get much more information about dogs by watching them move than you can by simply reading a pedigree.

7-You can see dogs that don't normally show in your region and see them show by breeder/owner/handlers you usually don't get to observe.

8-You want the narration conveniently provided on the video so you can really watch the dog or the bitch move without having to check the catalog for the kennel name and sire or the dam.  Conveniently supplied audio information allows you to concentrate on the video movement on the screen--what a concept!

9-History.  It's a terrific snapshot of how the breed we love looked at the time.

10-To see how you have improved in your breeding program.