National Specialty 

National Show Chair:  Carol Zaretski

Obedience: Sandi Fitterman

Chief Ring Steward: Jan Cooke

Trophies:  Suellen Shanker & Judi Carson

Hospitality & Event Registration:  Louise Scott & Maureen White

Auction:  Wendy Harmon

Catalog Sales:  TBD

Welcome Bags:  Judi Carson

Event Decorations & Centerpieces:  Carol Zaretski, Donna Hitz, Donna Wright

Favors:  Carol Zaretski

Educational Seminar:  Kathy Reparsky

Judges Seminar:  Florence Males

Announcer for Classes:  Bill Mich

Roommates:  Wendy Harmon

Advertising:  Margie Cyr

Grounds & RV Parking:  Team Kouski

Vendors:  Judi Carson & Carol Zaretski

New Exhibitor Briefing & Dog Show Tour:  Tarianne Terrazas

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Top 20 Showcase Committee 

Top 20 Chair:  Shelby Daniels

Coordinator:  Norma Baugh

Master of Ceremonies: Bill Mich

Chief Ring Steward Marion Levering

Stewards: Nancy O'Rourke, Dona Wright, Shari McNair

Reservations:  Sherri Sollars

Decorations/Trophies:  Carol Zaretski & Shelby Daniels

Judges Hospitality:  Carol Zaretski

Top 20 Reservations: Sherri Sollars