Top 20 Showcase


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2015 Top 20 Showcase

Qualifying Period Ends December 31, 2014 as published in the 

Canine Chronicle Magazine.

About the Top 20 Showcase

Please join us for our 2015 Top 20 Showcase to see our incredible Silkys at their very best!  Their beauty, structure, movement, temperament and breeding will be judged by an AKC Judge, a Breeder Judge and a Handler Judge to determine who will be the Silky Terrier Club of America Top 20 Winner and Top 20 Bred-by Exhibitor Winner.

Participants are invited to attend when the final national rankings are published in the Canine Chronicle for the year 2014.  The judges for the event are kept a 'secret' until the doors open for the showcase so the Top 20 Silkys and their handlers have lots of suspense waiting to see who will be judging them on Wednesday evening May 13, 2015.  The event is truly prestigious so you are encouraged to dress up for this fabulous occasion.

Ticketed guests attending the Top 20 event will receive a Top 20 catalog as a table favor.  Non-ticketed guests may purchase a catalog for $10 at the door or can be ordered online and shipped for $15.

If you choose not to enjoy the dinner and premium seating, you may enter the ballroom approximately (10) ten minutes before the event starts at no charge.  There's a deadline to register to attend this event:  TBD   

Check the rankings to see where you stand today using the links below:

Click here to check Canine Chronicle for Top Breed Silkys.

Click here to check Canine Chronicle for Top All-Breed Silkys.

Top 20 Chair:  Shelby Daniels

Coordinator:  Norma Baugh

Master of Ceremonies: Bill Mich

Chief Ring Steward Marion Levering

Stewards: Donna Wright, Shari McNair, Nancy O'Rourke

Decorations/Trophies:  Shelby Daniels

Judges Hospitality:  Carol Zaretski

Top 20 Reservations:  Sherri Sollars


Top 20 Showcase Committee

Advertise in the Top 20 Catalog

Show off your past STCA Top 20 Winner or your current Top 20 Contender with a full page color advertisement.  When you place an ad you get not only the full color ad in the Top 20 Catalog but also a complimentary copy of the catalog as a keepsake and a commemorative rosette customized with the name of your Silky.

Top 20 Commemorative Catalog - Prepay Pick Up at Event

$ 10.00 USD

This full color catalog features photographs and pedigrees for all the Silkys featured in the Top 20 Showcase.  This is a must have item for reference during the event and as a valuable resource for years to come.

Your donations to off set the costs for the Top 20 event are appreciated.